Signature PiecesWhat I proudly offer with my work is an individual handmade creation.  I am frequently asked "Where do the ideas for designs and vibrant colours come from"?

The FAN is probably the easiest to answer - from JENNY CHONG'S family HERITAGE.

The HEART is probably extra special to Jenny, this is dedicated to Ian, Jenny's older brother, who although is confined to a wheel chair is always there for Jenny.

The ETCHED DRAGON FLY and THE PAW prints were a creation to a special friend who is no longer with us.

The CIRCLE was an inspiration from the amazing SUN SETS here on the Gold Coast.

The WHALE TAIL was inspired by the Whale migration.

The MUSIC NOTE is dedicated to a very special person suffering from a long term illness.

The DIAMOND was an accidental creation over a staff breakfast meeting.

The ETCHED TREE of LIFE was created as it is one of the many paths we all choose to take in our daily lives.