What I PROUDLY offer with each creation of Dichroic Glass is an ORIGINAL one off piece of handmade jewellery to be worn with many different outfits.. 

NO two pieces can be made the same.

I can list as several of my accomplished exclusive designs –

The Circle,  Fan,  Whale Tail,  Heart and my etched series of Dragonfly.

My Glass Art Studio work shop is laid out in working sections with my kilns in size and capacity order with all my glass in graded stages.  Central to all areas is my design work station.  All Jenny Chong jewellery pieces are recognized by her distinguished trademark colour placement technique.

The only way now to PURCHASE Jenny Chong jewellery is to visit her online store and buy exclusively from the ONLINE store - www.theglasscastle.com.au

We have a large selection of jewellery for sale online. The showroom in Gallery Walk on Tamborine Mountain closed 30th October, 2016 so that Jenny could relocate her jewellery and design business to Melbourne where she still works and produces her fine pieces of jewellery.  Visit the ONLINE store or contact Jenny at     jenny@theglasscastle.com.au