Beautiful Hand Made Glass Jewellery 

A local Gold Coast girl Jenny Chong was the original owner, designer and creator of dichroic glass jewellery when it was first sold on Tamborine Mountain with business premises in Gallery Walk, since 2008.  The showroom closed on 30th October 2016 so Jenny could relocate her jewellery design business to Melbourne.

Formerly known as Chameleon Glass Art, as of 1st December 2012 saw a location move to the top end of Gallery Walk and a name change to THE  GLASS  CASTLE …….   everything glass.   PROUDLY  AUSTRALIAN, HAND MADE ORIGINAL DESIGNS and CREATIONS each with the DISTINGUISHED trade mark JENNY CHONG colour placement features.  

Visit our online store for a large range of unique beautiful handmade glass jewellery.

With this move has come a change of direction and an expansion of Jenny’s glass work.  Situated at the top end of Gallery Walk opposite Castle Glen Liqueurs, for the first time see our range of glass works by established Gold Coast glass artist Ken Bartlett. Since a hugely successful trip as an invited guest to the U.S.A. in August 2013, many changes have taken place in the showroom with a display of HAND BLOWN Dichroic Glass vases and paper weights by TIM LAZER a leader in the field of hand blown glass works.  November 2014 saw the exciting launch of our ONLINE STORE  where we carry a range of PROUDLY Australian, HAND MADE, Original and exclusive designed Dichroic glass jewellery items.  JENNY CHONG jewellery pieces carry a distinguished colour placement of glass. With a strong SALES team, a dedicated PRODUCTION manager and now an ONLINE TEAM plus a STORE STAFF of 5 We look forward to 2016 and thank all our loyal customers for there on going support.  As at 30th October 2016 the showroom in Gallery Walk CLOSED so Jenny could re locate her jewellery design business to Melbourne.  All enquiries can be directed to

The showroom is easily identified from the road with the addition of our latest creation – a 170cm tall, 60 plus kilo double sided, hand crafted MOSAIC SCARECROW which is now a permanent Gallery Walk attraction and a perfect photo stop opportunity.  Every piece of glass was cut by hand, paying particular attention to details such as the petals on the flowers or the detail on the butterfly wings before being fired in a kiln and then repositioned and mounted on toughened glass.

Visit our gallery showroom and see the range of Jenny’s handmade glass jewellery, framed art pieces, unique glass creations plus an extensive range of quality imported glass gift ware to suit any occasion.  Our motto is EVERY THING GLASS.    






Opening Hours:

The Glass Castle showroom closed on Sunday 30th October 2016. 

Jenny has relocated her jewellery design business to Melbourne.

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